Friday, June 4, 2010

Woman gets hit while following Google Maps 'walking directions'

Here we go again. Another "it's not my fault" suit.

A woman is suing Google because she got his on a busy highway while following 'walking directions' on Google Maps. It wasn't her fault that Google Maps make her walk onto the busy highway. They told her to do it!

This woman needs to read Ayn Rand's book "Fountainhead" and get a full understanding of accountability. "It's not my fault" should not be an excuse to file these worthless lawsuits.

Woman Follows Google Maps 'walking directions', Gets Hit, Sues (

I know I do NOT have all of the pertinent information regarding the incident. Did the road look deserted and this one car came from behind her, not watching the road properly and hit her? Were there other people walking along the roadway so she assumed it would be safe to walk there also?

If anything I can see her suing the driver. The jury might find negligence or not. But to sue Google for their negligence is irresponsible. Common sense, people. Common sense.

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