Monday, June 7, 2010

Ban the burqa?

Belgium is well on it's way to banning the burqa and niqab that many Muslim women wear. And other European countries may follow suit. Short Burqa Article(NPR)

Some issues I have heard in recent years are in France, in 2009, the French President said 'burqas are not welcome in France' because 'we cannot accept that women are prisoners behind a screen'. In 2005, in Florida, a woman's claim that she wants her drivers license photo taken while wearing her burqa was denied by a Florida court.

Women of Muslim faith are required to wear a burqa for religious reasons. Does this mean that her faith trumps law? We DO have a separation of church and state, but we also have laws that prevent people from doing harm, even if religion is involved. Terrorism is cited as the main reason for preventing women from having their faces covered in their photos. Should this be considered on a case by case basis?

What do you think? Should a woman be allowed to wear her burqa for her driver's license? Should she be denied her license if she refuses? Driving IS a privilege, after all, not a right.

An excellent article can be found here: Europe's Burqa Wars

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