Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What? Me vote?

Current opinion: Voting should NOT be made easier

Voter apathy occurs for many reasons:
  • "My vote doesn't count"
  • "All politicians are crooks"
  • "There are WAY too many propositions on the ballot"
  • "I can't get to the poll in time to vote"
  • "They make the voting process too hard"
  • "I'm sick and tired of all of the negative campaigning"
To help fix the current voting system, many states have proposed various ways of changing the process:
As for 'corrupt politicians' and 'negative campaigning' no one has suggested a way to fix these. Bad as they are, they go with the territory. But are negative campaigns always bad? I'm of the opinion that if a person can't take the time to register to vote 45 days in advance (or whatever it is in your state), then they won't take the time to investigate the issues and candidates. While the registration process should not be many hoops to jump thru, registering x-days in advance is certainly not an inconvenience. I might even be fine with a 'test' that each potential voter needs to take that might ask things like 'who is your House Representative?' and 'who was the second president of the United States?'.

New opinion (unchanged): Voting should NOT be made easier

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