Friday, September 3, 2010

What would your last meal be?

The article below is from the U.K. where the death penalty has been abolished.  But here in the U.S. it is still performed in nearly every state.  Put aside feelings on whether capital punishment should or should not happen.  Those put to death are allowed to choose their own last meal, though some states have restrictions.   Texas only allows food that is already within the penal system.  Florida limits the meal to $40 from the local area.

Here are some real last meals:

Texas - Patrick Bryan Knight
June 26, 2007
Fried pork chops and chicken, garlic toast, and ice cream

Oklahoma - Ernest Carter
December 17, 2002
Deep-dish supreme pizza, 7-Up, and one slice of cherry cheesecake

Indiana - Timothy McVeigh
June 11, 2001
Two pints of mint chocolate-chip ice cream

So what would I want for my last meal?  Would I go extravagant and order steak and lobster (assuming I wasn't in Texas or Florida)?  Or would I want comfort food of turkey burger and Almond Joys?

I think I would go the 'food I enjoy' route.  Probably something like a turkey burger (with ketchup and pickle relish), french fries, a whole pecan pie, and a whole pumpkin pie.  To drink, I'd go for bottomless iced tea.  Oh, and one Almond Joy.

Would would your last meal look like?

I've often pondered what to eat before I die (Telegraph UK)


Jason said...

I think that "Nearly every state" might be a bit of hyperbole ;-) 16 states have abolished the death penalty. just thought I would throw my... um... nickel in there...

Jason said...

Sorry... 15 states and D.C. (But if Puerto Rico becomes a state it will be 16 ;-)

More Opinions said...

True indeed. Would have been better for me to say 'it is still performed in *many states*'. FYI, 3 states have rescinded their capital punishment in the late 2000's.

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