Monday, September 27, 2010

Sages? Wise Ones? JALOs?

My wife and I are both over 50 years old.  We have both embraced the term Senior and proudly show our AARP cards.  I don't recall us needing to discuss a replacement for the term Senior.

Which is why I found the following article more than a bit humorous.  Written in 2002, it talks about 'Aging Boomers' who are having trouble coming to grips with being 'Seniors'.  They are struggling to find another term that they can accept and announce to the world that doesn't make them sound old.

I san Senior, you say Señor (Suddenly Senior)

Everyone has their pet peeves.  The article above made me think of a term I dislike: Old Man.  As in "I'm gonna borrow the car from My Old Man".  I find the term derogatory and refuse to use it.  Same with Old Woman.  I would never call my wife My Old Woman.

What common terms do you find offensive or would never use?

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