Friday, September 17, 2010

Selling Edible Underwear? Better have a food license in Texas.

Opening your own Lingerie store?  Have everthing you need for your Grand Opening?

Sexy Teddies?  Check.
Body creams?  Check.
Colorful condoms?  Check.
Edible panties?  Only if you have a Food Permit from the Health Department.

So says the Texas Health Department when they told Shades of Love in San Antonio.  If it's edible, they require the business to have a Food Permit.  Silly?  You bet.  From what I have read, this isn't a 'lets squeeze all the money out of businesses that we can," but simply the Health Department 'doing their job'.  While I appreciate they not sitting around eating donuts instead of ferreting out food slacking restaurants, edible panties aren't going to be a large part of anyone's diet.

Texas Lingerie Store Forced To Get Food Permit For Selling Edible Underwear (LAWeekly)

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