Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No, I don't drink alcohol. Ever.

I have never had a drink of alcohol.  Never.  I never 'snuck one' when I was little.  I didn't drink as a teenager.  And I don't drink alcohol now.  The typical reaction when someone finds out is 'You don't drink?  You've NEVER had a drink?'  It is unfathomable to them that someone in the world doesn't drink alcohol.  To them, drinking is almost like breathing.  It's something a person does in life.

Why don't I drink?  There are several reasons.
  • I don't like the smell, so I'm sure I won't like the taste.
  • I can see what alcohol does to people and there is no way I'm gonna do that to myself.
  • I don't need something to alter my brain/thinking or to drown my sorrows.
  • My father was an alcoholic.  Yes,  I say was, because he hasn't had a drink in over 30 years.
The following article hits it spot on for me.  She did drink and stopped at age 27, but she gets the same reactions I get.  But I've never been asked why I don't drink 'an adult drink'.

My not drinking bothers friends (CNN)

I love her husbands response.  "Listen," he said to her, "I'm a 30-year-old man. Whatever I'm drinking is an adult beverage."


ToeKneeManGo said...

Very admirable. I, too, do not drink, and it gets frustrating how often I deal with people that are SO into it and just can't fathom why I see no point in it. No matter what arguments you use, you just can't get it through their head. Saving money, not gaining as much weight, being healthier, keeping brain cells, not making those drunken mistakes, not having hangovers, downplaying the potential for vehicular accidents (and others, naturally), not giving in to peer pressure...the list goes on and on, but the response is always the same: "but drinking is fun".

Ever notice that when someone says they drink only for the taste, if you mention that they should drink non-alcoholic versions of the same drink, they deny it? If I ever felt like the only way I could be social was if I was drunk and uninhibited, I'd then have to realize that I'm just boring and not bother anymore haha.

More Opinions said...

Thanks for the comment. I was just talking with a friend who said a friend of theirs has stop inviting them to social events because my friend doesn't drink and they don't want her to feel ignored. Very thoughtful of them.

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