Monday, September 6, 2010

Do new car stickers make the grade?

Because of a 2007 energy law, the government must change the 'stickers' that are affixed to all vehicles sold in the U.S.  These are the stickers that show the Miles Per Gallon of the vehicle on the Highway and in the City.  These stickers haven't been significantly changed in over 30 years.

The new stickers will probably be one of two designs.  The first has 'comparative information' to show how the vehicle MPG and Air Pollution compares to other vehicles in its class.  The second has the same information but includes a large letter, A thru D, to show from a distance, how the vehicle rates.

I am a person who believes people should be given information about their purchases.  But they shouldn't be spoon-fed the answers.  The letter sticker should not happen.  Give people the 'comparative information' and let them make up their own mind.  If they need more information, that's why we have Consumer Reports and other information (such as plenty of web sites).

The one problem that I can see, brought up in the article below, is that Hybrid and Electric cars will not take coal-burning power-plants into account when displaying the 'greenhouse gases' the vehicle spews.  The stickers will only show 'tailpipe only' data.  I am a proud Prius owner and if I was shopping for a new vehicle, I would want to see complete information.
Then again, I can always look it up on the web.

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