Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Stressed! Where's my Chocolate!

A recent study says that people don't reach for 'comfort food' when they are stressed.  Comfort food might be chocolate, or potato chips, or peppermint sticks.  They say people are more likely to try something new during these times of stress.

Comfort eating at times of stress is a myth (Telegraph)

Of course with any 'rule' there are exceptions.  But I know several people who do, indeed, reach for their comfort food when they are stressed or sick including myself.  For example, I do eat chicken soup at times, but when I am sick, I reach for it just about every time.  (Whether chicken soup is actually helpful when you are sick is subject to review.)  When I am stressed, I usually reach for chocolate.  And I know several other people who reach for their 'comfort food' during similar times.

What are your favorite comfort foods?  Make mine chocolate!

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