Friday, August 6, 2010

Airline starts charging for extra carry-on items

Spirit Airlines is now charging for your second carry-on item.  Your first one is free (woohoo), but additional items will be $30 if you pay online or on the phone, $45 if you do it at the airport.

The good news is they have dropped prices by an average of $40.  So if you look at the total cost, there will be many cases where you could come out ahead.

Why did they do this?  Because of the charges for checked baggage, more and more people were carrying on larger and larger items to put into the overhead bins which was causing frustration for other passengers including leaving late from the gate.

Two videos at this link, a commercial for the change, and a new item on fliers reactions to it.  That's the Spirit!  Airline charges for some carry-on bags (LA Times)

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