Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preemptive gift returns

Amazon will soon have a new way to return gifts preemptively.  Seriously.

Amazon patents incredibly heartless and useful idea (NPR)

Amazon has a Wish List where I can put items that I would like to receive.  During Christmas time (and around my birthday?) they don't show which items have been purchased, so I won't know what I'm getting for Christmas.

With this new feature in place, I would know some of the gifts I would be receiving.  Is this progress?

When I read the article, I wondered if this would really happen.  Would Amazon really put this on their site?  Then I started to think of who I would put on my list.

My second thought was what would happen when Wikileaks publishes the list.

My third thought was how many lists *I* would be on.

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