Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do we really need more laws?

If you live in California or Illinois (6th district) and you don't think we have enough laws, you can contact a state Senator and suggest a new law to them.  They will take the ideas they think are best and submit them to their state Legislatures.  Since 2001, 16 ideas have become new laws in California.

New laws can range from businesses honoring gift certificates even in bankruptcy to fines for debris falling from trucks with proposed laws such as an energy deduction for companies who supply power for employees electric vehicles.

While I laud this idea I can't help but think of how many laws are already on the books.  Do we really need new laws?  Some of them are 'good laws' such as deductions for this or that, but other are 'punitive laws' such as fines for one thing or another.

Along with 'there oughta be a law' should be 'we oughta get rid of a law'.  There are plenty of laws cluttering up the books that are so out of date as to be laughable (Weird and out of date law in US).

'There oughta be a law' movement lets fed-up citizens write their own laws (Christian Science Monitor)

Illinois Senator Roskam institutes his own There Ought be a Law program in 2008.

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