Friday, July 9, 2010

If you are 12, we'll give you a condom if you ask nicely.

If you haven't heard by now, a Massachussetts school district has adopted a policy of giving condoms to students who ask for them.  Not just High Schoolers; but Middle Schoolers and even Elementary students.  And parents are not notified.

Provincetown to make condoms available at all schools (

For the school district, they say that if 'especially young children' ask for a condom, they will be asked about their motive and 'act accordingly'.  The nurse will also give counseling to the student before the condom is given out.  The district did not put an age limit in the policy because 'there is no set age when sexual activity starts'.

I get the policy, but the concern is no age limit.  We currently limit children to a drinking age even though young adults are known to drink.  We do the same for cigarettes.  So I see no reason an age cannot be put into this policy.  If they are insistent on putting this policy in place, then I'd suggest they put the age of 16 on the books.  Alternatively, since not all students entering High School are 16, they could say that anyone in High School (lowest is 15?) could obtain a condom.

The Massachusetts Governor doesn't like the policy.  Mass. governor objects to condom plan.

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