Friday, May 28, 2010

Nun demoted for approving life-saving abortion

A nun in Phoenix, AZ was demoted and excommunicated for her role in a decision to perform an abortion. The abortion was necessary, according to the hospital ethics committed, of which the nun was a member, because the patient would have died. The patient had pulmonary hypertension which would have been fatal because of the pregnancy.

According to this article, 'the pregnancy carried a nearly certain risk of death for the mother'. Hospital nun rebuked for allowing abortion in Phoenix (USA Today)

More on the story: Phoenix nun and her abortion decision (Arizona Daily Star)

But it is clear the Bishop didn't care about the woman's life. Seems it could have been a 'certain risk' instead of a 'nearly certain risk' and it would still have been sin to perform the abortion.

So the Bishop is saying, in effect, 'it is better to have two people dead, than to have one living because an abortion was performed'. What a crock! The obvious solution is NOT go to go a Catholic hospital for any medical conditions that could be terminal. Or maybe not to go to one at all, just in case things become 'complicated'.

The decision was made with the full cooperation and understanding of the mother. And as long as she is in her 'right mind', that's all that is needed. The Catholic Church be damned!

An opinion via NPR: Sister Margaret McBride: Don't Confess (NPR)

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