Thursday, May 27, 2010

Man acquitted of killing officer who died 41 years after shooting...

Not all court cases are more than passing interest to the average person. But this one seems to set a new precident. A man shot and wounded a 23 year old officer in 1966. 41 years later the officer dies and the man is tried for his murder. Is there a direct connection? The Medical Examiner thinks so.

Jury acquits man of murder in 1966 police shooting (

It seems a far stretch to say that the injuries the officer suffered caused his death. And the defence went to great lengths to show that the officer had been in three car accidents and two wheelchair accidents. I don't have access to the evidence, but it seems like 41 years is too long to connect these dots. But how long is too long? Is 20 years too long? How about 5 years?

Here is another case that has similarities. But there is no information on accidents during the 36-years between the shooting and the death. Bucks case bears similarities to Barnes trial (Courier Times)

Should these men be on trial? What do you think?

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